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Discount Codes

How do I redeem a discount code?

1) Put the relevant product in your shopping cart.
2) Go to your shopping cart.
3) Enter the discount code in the box to the right of your shopping cart.
4) Click APPLY.
5) The discount code is now activated and you should see the discount calculated in your purchase total.

Things to keep in mind!
1) Discount codes are valid for a limited time. This time periode can differ between discount codes.
2) You can only use 1 (one) discount code at a time.
3) Sometimes when the product that the discount code is for, is out of stock, we can't get any new stock.

So, which deals does Chromeburner have at the moment?

10%* discount on all SP Connect products Code: SPCON10
Activates a 10% discount on all mounting systems from SP Connect!

10%* discount on all RAM-Mount mounting systems and parts Code: RAMTEN
Activates an extra 10% discount on all boots and shoes, no matter the brand!

20%* Discount on limited edition Sidi Mag-1 Stars and Mag-1 Air Stars boots Code: STARSTRUCK
Activates a 20% discount on these awesome Sidi limited edition racing boots! Get starstruck!

25%* Discount on the limited edition AGV K-3 SV The Donkey Valentino Rossi Replica! Code: DONKEYKONG
This code activates a 25% discount our favorite Valentino Rossi helmet; the famous Donkey!
10% Extra discount on all Simpson helmets! Code: SIMPSOFF
This code activates a 10% discount on all Simpson brand helmets.

30% Discount on Scorpion ADX-1 Heated Visors Code: THEHEATISON
Who needs a heated visor in July, right? If you're planning on needing it this winter, now's the time to strike!
10% Extra discount on all Held helmets! Code: HELD10
Get an extra 10% discount on all helmets by Held.

FREE Rokker Boot Care Set with every pair of Rokker Urban Racer boots Code: ROK'ON!
Purchase a pair of Rokker Urban Racer boots and get a Rokker Boot Care Set for free. That'll keep 'em clean!

FREE Dark Smoke visor with every Scorpion Exo-1400 Air (not Exo-1400 Air Carbon) Code: SMOKEPION
Purchase a Scorpion Exo-1400 Air helmet and get a free dark smoke visor to go with it!
* Discount is calculated from MSRP.