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Motorcycle gloves

Motorcycle gloves are an important part of your outfit. Should you end up crashing your bike, your automatic reaction will be to catch your fall with your hands. And even if you don’t crash, your hands are your main contact point with your bike so it is extremely important your motorcycle gloves are a perfect fit!

Motorcycle gloves for each type of rider

Every riding style ask for a specific type of gloves. What you’re going to use the gloves for determines what type of gloves you’ll need. Supersport riders have different needs than a daily commuter riding short distances. Also the material your gloves are made of is important to keep an eye on. Leather is strong and Gore-Tex will be water resistant. Protection and being able to control your bike will always be the most important things. After all you don’t want anything to happen to your hands and comfort will make you perform better. We have categorized our gloves in the following segments:


Racing gloves are usually made of leather. This is the strongest and most wear-resistant material a glove can be made of. They have a long cuff to make up for the shorter length of the sleeve of your leather racing suit. Leather is strong but is also forms a second skin around your hands. This means that you get more feedback through your hands to control your bike even better. Racing gloves offer great grip impact protection as well.


Most adventure and touring gloves will be water resistant. This type of gloves is often used by riders who don’t fear rain, wind and any other type of bad weather circumstances. The more premium touring gloves also offer great breathability to increase comfort. Some touring gloves are even heated for extra comfort when riding in winter.


In this section there are a few options to choose from. There are gloves with long or short cuffs and they come for all different seasons. In terms of looks, these gloves tend to look somewhat like racing gloves. The low weight of these gloves is popular among urban riders, because they’re easily put on and off and easy to store in your pockets. Use the filters on the left of your screen to make your choice easier!


Finish the style of your gear and your bike with a pair of vintage-looking gloves. These gloves offer the latest safety features with a classic look. On the outside you won’t notice, but there are even 4 season gloves in this segment! Different leather colors are available to match your vintage leather jacket and your chopper or cafe racer.

The right motorcycle gloves for each type of weather

The weather elements are something we can’t control. Nevertheless we can prepare ourselves for anything. From top to bottom, so jackets, pants, gloves, and shoes, can all be used to adapt to the weather. If we talk about gloves we can separate these in different segments:


High temperatures and riding a motorcycle in full protective gear can be, to say the least, uncomfortable. But it should never be an excuse to ride without gear! The same goes for your gloves. There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to summer motorcycle gloves. These gloves are featured with perforated materials and have mostly short cuffs.


The period between winter and summer and vice-versa is called midseason. These gloves are thicker than summer gloves and less thick than winter gloves. They offer great water resistance but yet still are breathable. Perfect for spring and fall riding!


Winter gloves are the best if you need to face tough weather conditions. Rain, snow or wind but yet keeping your hands warm is what they’re made for! Gore-Tex is a material you’ll find often within this category. Gore-Tex helps you to keep your hands dry but not sweaty. Winter gloves are usually lined with insulating materials and equipped with a long cuff with multiple closing systems: elastic bands, velcro, or zippers. When you’re riding in the coldest days we have even warmed gloves!


If waterproofness is the main aspect for you when picking a new pair of gloves, this category is for you. We’ve listed all waterproof gloves throughout all different lifestyles and seasons in this category. By using the filters on the left of your screen you can dive deeper and browse towards your newest pair of gloves!

Motorcycle gloves materials

Manufacturers can make a pair of gloves out of different materials. Some more expensive than others. Leather is strong, durable and forms like a second skin around your hands, but it comes at a cost. Textile motorcycle gloves are less expensive but are forming less around your hands. Waterproof gloves have different waterproof membranes and linings that will determine the costs.

Ordering your new motorcycle gloves

With hundreds of motorcycle gloves available, you should be able to find your new pair on our website. Because of all the different types, we neatly categorised them in different lifestyles, seasons and cuff lengths. Use the filters on the left side of the screen to make our website show all the gloves that will suit your needs. Our customer care team understand the importance of having the proper glove so if you’re not sure yet on which ones you should get, just give them a call at +31 073 200 80 20 or send them an email at [email protected]!